Shanty Hunters Kickstarter Interview

Recently we had the pleasure of talking to Tristan Zimmerman about his new game Shanty Hunters. A game about trying to collect a record of the oral history stored in sea shanties before they disappear. An also the music sometimes comes alive!
One of my favourite parts of this game is that it wants you to sing. More singing RPGs please!

We also talked about the difficulty of sourcing period appropriate art, and the difficulties of show casing the true diversity of the time period it’s set in.

Shanty Hunters is currently Kickstarting, you can find the campaign here. 

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Our Shores Interview – Joaquin

This is the last of our trio of interviews celebrating the Our Shores Kickstarter. Today I’m talking to Joaquin a Filipino writer, novelist, serialist, and game designer from the Philippines.

Joaquin along with partner Gio, is working on perhaps my favourite of the 3 tentpole Our Shores projects. Maharlika, a technomystic Science Fantasy mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology. Like of course I’m gonna be hype for that?!

Go check out the Our Shores kickstarter.
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Our Shores Interview – Sam

We are back with a trio of interviews over the next 3 weeks, diving into the various projects that make up the Our Shores Kickstarter.

This week we’re talking to Sam, a game maker from Malaysia working on Capitalites. A game exploring the messy archetypes and relationships of young people living in the big city.

you can find links to the kickstarter and more below

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Brinkwood Interview

It’s been a long, exhausting year. We’re all trying to survive Plagues, Ecological Collapse, and Capitalism. Sounds like a perfect time to talk about woodland bandits robbing vampires! It’s time to talk about Brinkwood!

This week, to get you all excited for their kickstarter, we’ve pulled this interview out of the depths of long distant January…it was a different time. I hope you enjoy listening to Erik tell us about this exciting Forged in the Dark game.

Coming to Kickstarter on the 15th of September 2020.

Follow Erik on twitter to hear more about the game.